Introduction: Netmaking

At one of my net making demonstrations years ago a spectator who was a tatting expert suggested this method. It eliminates the need to make a bight to the left of the loop you are tying into. This results in a increase in the speed of the netting process.

The left hand holds the gauge as in regular net making. The right hand brings the needle around the gauge as in regular net making. The three photos combined with the video show the tatting process (right hand) which is different than regular net making

Over time I have found that it is easier to teach (and learn) net making by using this method.
You do not have to remember to make the bight (loop) to the left. Just grab the needle as shown (with the twine exiting the needle from the bottom) and keep the twine over your wrist, the loop forms automatically.

Step 1:

1.Bring the cord around the gauge.and pull snug. Instead of making the bight (loop) to the left, swing your hand underneath the cord so that it is over your wrist.

Step 2:

2. Bring the needle behind the 2 strands as usual, the cord stays around the back of your hand.

Step 3:

3. Back your hand out of the loop and tighten as usual. You are ready to begin next knot

Step 4:

This shows the process in real time. Please excuse the confusion at the beginning of the clip