Introduction: Network Cable Hack

when i was thinking to do this instructable i thought it would be bit out dated. then i thought might be use for few. lets see how it goes.
Before you start with this instructable i will assume you have a bit of the experience of making network cables like cross over cable and stright cable. i'll include the orignal layout of the standard cable and show you what else we can achive from the same wire.
[ info: source ]

we'll be using:
cat5-cat5e networking cable.
few RJ45 connectors ( for network )
few RJ11 Connectors ( for phone )
Cramping tool ( for network wire )

Step 1: Cable Know How and Tool.

i'll start with the orignal layout. this pic is taken from the site.( and they explaind evrything in very detail. Which i won't do here.
there are few things to remmber while you are working on this instructable.

1- there are 4 wires usable for the actual cable and rest 2 pairs are useless. ( we'll utilize rest of the 4 wires)

2- orignal layout shows the color coding and which wire go were.... ( rare case if some is color blind than....???) u can choose what ever color for your cable but 2 things ( remmeber which color you are using on one end of the cable caz we'll utilize the same on the other end. and why the give these color coding.. to implement global standard for networking.

Step 2: Orignal Lan Cable Design

before we start the hack you might have noticed 4 wires  ( 1, 2, 3, and 6  got TX+ , TX-, RX+ and RX- respectively) these are the one we'll use and rest four for other purpose.

Step 3: Twin

twin's :
if you need to connect your ps3 and xbox360 and dont have enough room for cable or router is far from them and you don't want to spend too much money than make twin stright cables from single cable.
the concept remains the same only four wires for each connector. remmeber your color code what you using. and here we go.

CONNECTOR 1                                                                   CONNECTOR 2
Wire color        PIN no.                                                          Wire color               Pin no.
    Blue                 1                                                                     Blue                          1
Blue White          2                                                                   Blue White                2
    Green              3                                                                      Green                      3
Green white       6                                                                   Green White              6

that is for the first device for the second.

CONNECTOR 3                                                                    CONNECTOR 4
Wire color           PIN no.                                                       Wire color            Pin no.
     Brown                  1                                                                Brown                  1
 Brown White           2                                                            Brown White          2
     Orange                3                                                                Orange                3
Orange white          6                                                             Orange White        6
------------------------ for crossover --------( if you want one stright and 2nd cross over)

CONNECTOR 3                                                               CONNECTOR 4
Wire color         PIN no.                                                    Wire color         Pin no.
Brown                   1 TX+                                                      Brown               3 RX+
Brown White        2 TX-                                                    Brown White      6 RX-
Orange                 3 RX+                                                     Orange             1 TX+
Orange white      6 RX-                                                  Orange White      2 TX-

Step 4: Network Cable + Phone Cable

If you want to put your Router some where its easy to recive the Wifi easily for your other devices and you dont have a Phone cable socket and power socket near by than we'll use the same thing ;)
so first bit will be the same Stright cable and 2nd bit will be change.

first a bit know how about rj11 phone cable connector

Phone COnnector ( Know How)
The six-position plug and jack commonly used for telephone line connections may be used for RJ11, RJ14 or even RJ25, all of which are actually names of interface standards that use this physical connector. The RJ11 standard dictates a 2-wire connection, while RJ14 uses a 4-wire configuration, and RJ25 uses all six wires. this info is taken from here (
so we can use RJ11 or RJ25. RJ25 if you need only Phone and LAN and if you need LAN, POWER and PHOne (RJ11)

we'll do the RJ14 first than RJ11 and Power connector

CONNECTOR 3   RJ14                                            CONNECTOR 4    RJ14         
Wire color            PIN no.                                            Wire color    Pin no.
Brown                      1                                                       Brown        1
Brown White           2                                                 Brown White    2
Orange                    3                                                       Orange        3
Orange white         4                                                Orange White    4

Step 5: Network + Phone + Power

------- for RJ11 and power --- RJ11 USES ONLY Middle 2 pins (2 and 3) not 1 and 4

CONNECTOR 3 RJ11                                                      CONNECTOR 4 RJ11
Wire color      PIN no.                                                            Wire color      Pin no.
   Brown             2                                                                         Brown          2
Brown White     3                                                                      Brown White 3

and power on rest of the two wires. be carefull while soldring the wire and the plug plus the orignal black and red cable connections vs cat5 wire color

Power connections

Wire color            Power wire color                          Wire color            Power connector wire
Orange                            RED                                      Orange                  RED
Orange white                 Black                                  Orange White          Black
these were not the only hacks possible you can use these cables for many things like connecting diffrent connector to make any cable or cable extension. like stereo to stereo cable for your computer input or aux. and other side ur mobile or mp3/4 player output.
stereo cable extender.
rest is up to you what you want to do with this cable ;)


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