Introduction: New DIY Idea to Run Universal Motor POWER TOOLS Without Electricity

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Hey Guys!!!!

In this instructable you will learn how to make emergency electricity option to run you universal motor power tools

when there is no electricity at home.This set-up is mind blowing for operating power tools in remote areas or even on the way.

Even though many of us already have battery operated Power Tools but they are not that strong and fast when compared to recorded high power tools.

In this system a volt 12 volts UPS battery will power up the high voltage Power Tools DIY.

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Credits : Mr. Electron

Step 1: Connecting the Capacitors:

Get 3 electrolytic capacitors rated at 250 volts and 10000 microfarad each.Connect them in parallel.

You can also connect the car jump start cables to the tapping point of these capacitors.Stick the capacitors together in one place to some wooden base like I did as you can see in the picture.Take a bridge rectifier and connect the DC output of the rectifier to the respective positive and negative of the capacitor Bank.Attach the rectifier to the wooden board as well.

Now take a bulb holder and place it on the wooden board.You will also need a two pin plug that is to be attached to the inverter box as you can see in the picture.

So 1 wire from the two pin plug will be connected to one of the AC input terminal of the rectifier and the other wire will be connected to one of the wires of the bulb holder.The other wire of the bulb holder will be connected to the other AC i/p terminal of the rectifier.

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Credits : Mr. Electron

Step 2: Completing the Circuit:

Now what you are going to need is a 100 Watt 12 volts to 220 volts inverter. Connect the two pin plug to the output circuit of the inverter and connect a 100 watt bulb to the bulb holder.

Take a multimeter and connect the positive terminal of the metre to the positive terminal of the capacitor Bank and the negative to the negative terminal of the capacitor Bank.Move the pointer to 1000 volts DC and place it somewhere where you can see it.

Now all you should be left with just 4 terminals 2 of which are the jumper cables connected to the capacitors while the other two are the input terminals of the inverter.

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Credits : Mr. Electron

Step 3: Connecting Drill Machine & Battery :

Now the jumper car cables come with pre-attached crocodile clips.Take a drill machine and connect it's plug to the clips of the jumper cables.Place a cardboard in between the two clips to make sure that they are separate.

Make sure that you are drill machine is turned off.

Now take your 12 volt 7 Ah UPS battery and connect the positive input terminal of the inverter to the positive red terminal of the battery and the negative input terminal which will be the black one to the black terminal of the battery.

Your 100 watt bulb should be glowing brightly.The multimeter display will keep on indicating the voltage value to which the capacitors have been charged that is a bulb luminescence will keep on decreasing with the increase in voltage displayed on your multimeter display until it becomes zero.Keep charging the capacitors at least up to 200 volts.

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Credits : Mr. Electron

Step 4: Testing:

After the multi-meter indicates 200V or 200+ volts, pick up your drill machine and press the ON switch and it should start performing as if it is connected to your home socket.

Take a metal piece and try drilling a hole through it.You should be able to go through it easily.

Perform the same test with your angle grinder and it should perform great.

So guys, that's all for today's instructable.


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Credits : Mr. Electron