Introduction: New K'nex Ball Machine Update #1

About: My name is Cam, and I am a 14 year old k'nex builder. My main focus is ball machines, and currently, I am working on my first one right now!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first Instructable! This is a preview/update for my first ball machine. I used a lot of other people's lifts/elements so I will leave links to those in their respective steps. I haven't measured, but I'd say this is about 5.5 feet tall, and once I get more parts in from ebay it will be taller. In all there will be 2 or 3 networks, and 8 (give or take) paths. I also don't have a name for it, so suggestions would be appreciated :D

Step 1: Video Overview

This is a video over of my machine. A lot of work has been done since filming so there will be some differences!

Step 2: Network 1 Lift/separator.

Link to the separator:

Link to the lift:

The first network has 1 lift and one separator. The lift I used is a modified version of SandroKnexMaster's Ferris Wheel Lift (when I originally built it, it didn't work). I also used Collinjo12's Quad Separator, and it works decent enough. The reason for this is because I think it was built for the newer balls.

Step 3: Network One Paths (There Are 4)

Path one is the elliptica by IAmCanadian. The path after leads to the second network.


I don't have a plan for path two yet but I'm thinking of doing a cross tie path with a loop.

Path 3 is a combination of the clicker dropper from the big ball factory and the rattling stairs by Kairah in Metropolis

Link to stairs:

Path 4 is a combination of the element "turnstiles" by shadowman in citadel, and a basic flex rod path.

Link to turnstiles:

Step 4: Network 2

This has two lifts; One is the sliding arm lift by Sandroknexmaster, and the other is a standard chain lift.

At the top the is a path separator with two paths- on is a orange connector and tubing path, and the other is a micro coaster path which will lead to another lift

Link to sliding arm lift: