Introduction: New Twist on a Family Portrait

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While our country is doing its best to STAY HOME / STAY SAFE I am always trying to think of activities for my students to do at home with their families. At the same time trying to keep the supplies needed at a minimum.

So I thought of a "New twist on a Family Portrait"

Step 1: Supplies

Basically all you need is a pencil and paper...The cell phone is optional.

Step 2: Think of It As a Scavenger Hunt

Begin by looking around the house for objects to represent each member of your family and then arrange them into groups. It is more of a challenge to create categories. Get Creative with your families personalities!

Step 3: Photos & Drawings

After you have arranged your items take a photograph of your family. This is an optional step, however, it is fun to create a family album!

Next, choose one of the arrangements and do a drawing of your family.

If you like this idea you will have the opportunity to add onto your album for many years!

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