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Introduction: New Twist on a Family Portrait

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While our country is doing its best to STAY HOME / STAY SAFE I am always trying to think of activities for my students to do at home with their families. At the same time trying to keep the supplies needed at a minimum.

So I thought of a "New twist on a Family Portrait"

Step 1: Supplies

Basically all you need is a pencil and paper...The cell phone is optional.

Step 2: Think of It As a Scavenger Hunt

Begin by looking around the house for objects to represent each member of your family and then arrange them into groups. It is more of a challenge to create categories. Get Creative with your families personalities!

Step 3: Photos & Drawings

After you have arranged your items take a photograph of your family. This is an optional step, however, it is fun to create a family album!

Next, choose one of the arrangements and do a drawing of your family.

If you like this idea you will have the opportunity to add onto your album for many years!

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Lisa Arbolino

What a great and fun idea for a family project. Easy, and everybody can be involved. We just saw this and got to work. We included three other families who are also staying inside. We are waiting for them to share their photos to see what they came up with as representative items from each of the family members. Wonderful to keep the kids and cousins involved with each other while social distancing. We will face time each other when everyone is ready . Everyone was so excited to participate.

Susan Cirigliano
Susan Cirigliano

Reply 2 years ago

Wow! That sounds great I didn’t even think of that as an “extended family portrait” especially during this time of social distancing! ThNk you for the suggestion!❣️

Lisa Arbolino
Lisa Arbolino

Reply 2 years ago

Maybe if it's re- titled it will people an idea that kids and extended family via facetime.... Great family activity !