Introduction: New Year Coaster

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One of my favorite celebrations in New Year's Eve... People is super excited and energized, everybody is thinking about new goals and plans and celebrating together is so much fun!

This DIY project will help you create a beautiful and practical New Year decoration that all host should prepare to make guests feel great in such a special occasion. It will also keep beverages save from falling... enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • Cork board sheet (15x15cm by coaster)
  • Permanent marker
  • Cookie cutter in the shape you like

Step 2: Draw Outside Line

I chose a star shape but the options are endless!

Start drawing the outside line of the mold with the permanent marker.

Step 3: Draw Inside Line

Drawing the line from inside the cutter will make the coaster have a double line that will remark the shape of our election.

Step 4: Cut Cork Boardsheet

Now that both lines are marked, cut the cork board sheet. You can cut with scissors since cork is easy to manipulate.

Step 5: Use and Enjoy... Cheers!

My favorite part is to match the coasters with the perfect glass or cup, straw and signs to make it look super great!


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