Introduction: New Year’s Recipe: Sparkling Dum Dums Drinks for Kids

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Get together with the whole family and raise a toast to the New Year with these fun and deliciously fizzy drinks for kids made with your favorite flavors of Dum Dums. This New Year’s recipe rates a solid ten on the easy scale, so kids can help make them!

What you’ll need:
• Dum Dums
• Clothespins
• Ice Cube Tray
• Clear or Light-Colored Soda Pop
• Optional: Little Drink Umbrellas

1. Unwrap the Dum Dums. Any of the Dum Dums flavors will work with this recipe!

2. Clothespin the Dum Dums. Place clothespins on the sticks of unwrapped Dum Dums and put one into each hole of the ice cube tray. The clothespins will hold up the Dum Dums while the ice cubes freeze.

3. Pour in Soda Pop. We used Cream Soda, because we thought it would taste the best! Sprite or Ginger Ale works well, too. (Water is also an option, if you don’t mind the drinks being a little watered down.)

4. Place in the Freezer. Give your ice cubes two hours or so to freeze thoroughly. As simple as this recipe is, waiting is the hardest part! 

How to serve:
When it’s almost time to celebrate the New Year, pop out your ice cubes and place them into fancy, kid friendly glasses. Next, pour in your soda pop up to the top and—if you like—stick in some cute drink umbrellas for added flair. For the best taste, drink right at midnight! Happy New Year!