Introduction: News Style Bicycle

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Few years ago I was on the US and I wanted to build something to remember for a great days.

I bought a daily newspaper there and when I came back home, plan was clear.

I like old bicycles and added special layer instead of painting.

Step 1: What We Need for the Project

- Old bicycle frame

- News paper , daily preferred

- Wall paper glue

- Acryl lacque

When the body has been cleaned properly from foreign particles (rust,old paint,etc), next step is to paint welded pipe connections.

Newspaper sheets cutting to small triangles in a different sizes.

If you find small photos in the triangles, do not overlap during the process.

Submerged the paper triangles in the glue and cover the frame, small triangles to the small pipes and larges triangles to the main pipe, I used approx quarter inch overlapping.

When all surfaces are covered, just wait 24 hours before you cover with acryl lacques.

Step 2: Day to Day Usage

When I finished and used for fun (no gear, one speed only ;)!

I am thinking, what will be the next step... I was in Russia last year and bought daily newspapers too!

Now I am looking for a new bike frame!

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