Introduction: Mercedes 300 SL Seat Mobile Phone Stand

About: Life is boring without inspiration.

I like old cars and when I will win the lottery I will collect all of them;). My favorite model from the 50's area the Mercedes 300 SL. Chassis design is brilliant

I would like to feel, how to seat and drive behind the Mercedes steering wheel. Until that time, this small size will highlight me, this is the time to buy a lottery ticket finally....

Basic design was coming Google Sketchup model, approx 1:6 size of the original model.

Step 1: Download the Original Model

If the model is available, next task to convert to Pepakura software, what I use to my paper vehicles..

My size of the seat is coming from the smallest piece, what I am able to bend, cut and glue.

Maybe is large enough to hold tablet PC, but I have not tried yet.

Step 2: Cut Out and Glue It

If the design is ready, this is the time to cut out and bend via dotted lines.

Seating pillow and back piece are attached to each other.

I used thicker paper than printing paper. Approx 3 times thicker.

Normal paper glue used, nothing special.

Step 3: Final Shape

When the paperwork is ready, next step is to fill with cotton wool. Small pieces from cotton wool, approx 2 cm chips.

Bottom side of the seat is thicker paper, needed to ensure the proper shape.

Thanks to my wife, used black nylon stockings is the perfect cover in my seat!