Introduction: Newspaper Hat

I used to be able to fold a hat out of newspaper. But the sheet size of my local newspaper has changed and it comes out too small for me. However, with a few extra steps, it's still possible to make a newspaper hat!

This Instructable was adapted from the Newspaper Hat Instructable created by Slangan1117.


One full sheet of newspaper

One half sheet of newspaper



Step 1: Prepare Your Paper

A full sheet of my newspaper was 21" by 22", so I added a half sheet.

Tape on a half sheet, creating a 21" by 26" piece of newspaper. It doesn't have to be exact, but your paper should have about a 4:5 width to length ratio.

If you don't have newspaper, you can also use gift wrap. I made another hat with a 24" by 30" piece of gift wrap.

Step 2: Fold Almost in Half

Fold paper almost in half widthwise (hamburger style), leaving 2" from the bottom.

Step 3: Fold the Front Side.

Bring both the left & right top edges to the center.

Then fold up the bottom edge of the front layer.

Step 4: Flip & Fold to Center

Flip it over.

Fold the left & right edges toward the center. How much you fold it depends on how big you want your hat. The width here will be about half the circumference of your finished hat.

Step 5: Fold & Tuck Bottom Edge.

Fold both bottom corners in.

Fold the bottom edge up so all the front layers are creased along the same line.

Tuck the front layer under the flaps.

Step 6: Flip, Fold, Tuck.

Flip it over.

Fold top tip down and tuck into the pocket.

Step 7: Open & Flatten Into Square.

Holding the center of the top layer, pull up and back, forming a square.

Step 8: Fold & Tuck.

Fold the left & right tips to the center and tuck into the pocket.

Step 9: Open the Hat!