Introduction: Nice Apple Swan for Decoration

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This apple swan is super nice to show in you parties.

Step 1: Materials.

Its super simple all you need is one apple and a knife.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the apple in two parts NOT by the middle, one side has to be bigger than the other.

Step 3: Diamond Cut

With the bigger part of the apple we're going to make the wings.

To make the wings you'll have to cut from one side of the apple in a little diamond form. Then cut a little away from your first cut horizontally crossing your first cut and cut vertically to meet with the cut and repeat approximately 6 times. Repeat in the other side.

In the middle and lower part of the apple cut vertically in a diamond shape doing the same process from smaller cuts to bigger ones 3 times to make the tail.

Step 4: Adjust

Push the cuts you made to the back to make the shape of the feathers.

Step 5: HEAD

With the other part of the apple that you cut at the beginning cut it in half from top to bottom and then make the shape of the head. With the seeds of the apple make the eyes.

Step 6: SHOW

Put a stick in the upper part of the body and put the head of the swan.

Now it's ready to show and to eat.

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