Introduction: Nifty Little Earring Boxlet

At my house we have always had a strange fondness for paper tubes of all sorts. It seems such a shame to throw them out when you can have so much fun with them. Roll 'em, stack 'em, peel 'em, build a castle, make a musical instrument, amuse your cat, tease your dog...

make a nifty little holder for earrings and such!

You will need:
tube(s) from toilet paper or paper tower roll
box cutter
masking tape
cereal box
cutting board

You may want:
gesso or white paint
hole punch
mod podge or white
scraps of colored paper or colored tissue

Step 1 The Basic Shape

Cut the tube into smaller cylinders  of different heights.  You will need to be able to fish things out with your fingers so make sure none of the cylinders are too high. Arrange cylinders in a cluster making sure that they sit flat on the bottom. Tape.

Step 2 The Bottom
Place the cluster on an empty cereal box to make a bottom. Trace. Cut out the bottom. Tape the bottom to the cluster in a few places. Trim the bottom if needed.

Step 3 The Tape
Completely seal the seam between the cylinders and the bottom using tape inside and out. Also use the tape to give the rims of the cylinder smooth edge.

Step 4 Holes (optional)
Using a hole punch you can make holes for your hanging earrings on the tallest tube.

Step 5 Decorate!
Gesso the container or cover with base coat of paint and decorate. I used acrylic paint and paint pens. Voila!