Introduction: Night Angle


Children under 6 years old are often afraid of the darkness during the night, adults have been frustrating about how to make their children not afraid of the darkness anymore? This has been a problem for every family in this world, and I made this Lamp to solve this problem. This lamp can be turned on during the night, and the light will become darker after every five minutes. There are 6 tiny light bulbs in the lamp, one of the light bulbs will be turned down after every 5 minutes. In this case, users will be able to get used to the darkness in a slow period of time, and it won’t be a problem for wasting energy.



1 Arduino Leonardo 6 tiny light bulbs 7 light color jumper wire 7 darker color jumper wire 6 resister 1 breadboard 1 shaped box ( plastic) 5 packs of fether ( 6 per pack) 1 stack of fake flower (3 small flowers per pack) 1 ribbon (been tied up) 2 rolls of fancy ribbon 1 pair of scissors Tape

Step 1: Follow the Picture for Connecting the Right Jumper Wires

Step 2: Get the Right Jumper Wire on the Arduino Leonardo Board

Step 3: Connect Each Jumper Wire on to the Breadboard

Step 4: Copy the Code I Have Provided on the Arduino Program

Step 5: Connect the Computer and Arduino

Step 6: Stick Each Feather Around the Shaped Box

Step 7: Stick the Second Round on the Outside

Step 8: Use a Short Length of Ribbon to Create a Tied Ribbon

Step 9: Use a Longer Length Ribbon and Tie Around the Box

Step 10: Stick It Close to the Feather

Step 11: Connect With the Computer and Put the Bread Board in the Box With the Feather Box on It