Introduction: Night Glass Lamp

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Today I'll tell you a DIY night glass lamp which is very easy to make and very amazing ,which maximum $5

and minimum $1. This is such a fun and easy project, you could do it by yourself, with your kids, or as a party! Best of all, you can be super creative and make any design you want ,

ok so let's start.

Step 1: Gathering Glass According to Given Size

Step 2: Placing at Correct Place

Place all parts of the glass at the right place according to 1'st picture .

Then paste all parts with gluegun and wrap tapes all around the corners.

Step 3: Gather These Types of Decorative Materials and a Small Piece of String Light With a Plug

Step 4: Glue the String Light and Other Stuffs Together

Step 5: Wrap the Tape and Connect String Light to the Plug and You Are Done

Step 6: Now Your Night Glass Lamp Is Ready

It looks very pretty in night (dark)

Thanks for visiting my instructable have a nice day!

Sorry guys for the photos which are not clear

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