Introduction: Nightfury Mount (inspired by "How to Train Your Dragon")

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I don't know about you guys, but I have been a HUGE fan of the "How to Train Your Dragon" series ever since I was 7. We all have to admit it, Toothless probably has to be one of the best and most popular dragons in the series. That's why I decided to sculpt him for the 2020 "Fandom Contest." I had a ton of fun sculpting him and I hope you will too. I am in no way a professional sculptor. Anyone can make this. I like to do this for a hobby. I hope you enjoy this Instructable!

By the way, I forgot to take a few pictures through the process so ........please bear with me......


Polymer clay ( black, green)
Sculpting tools you feel comfortable with
Acrylic paint (your choice)
Fine tip paint brush
Aluminum foil
Floral wire

Step 1: Starting His Head and Face

Grab some foil and shape it to look like the head and neck. Then start by covering the head with some black clay. Shape and pinch out an upper brow and lower jaw. Also press out a section for the eyes to go in, and start to shape the nose. Create a teardrop out of the green clay and flatten. Then fit into place. Next roll out two thin snakes of black clay and place and blend around the eye. Do this for the other eye also. Using one of your tools, sculpt out a mouth and a nose. Now you can tweek the head any way you may need to perfect the shape.

Step 2: Adding the Ear/Horns

I honestly don't know if the flaps on Toothless's head are ears or horns.......... if you know, please tell me! Anyway, that's what we're making now, and to do that, create two big teardrops and flatten the tips so there rounded. You can see what I mean in the picture above. Next add two wires in the wider end of his ear/flap things, and then blend gently onto the head. Do this two other times (for each side of the head) and just make each one slightly smaller then the other. You can see just what I mean in the picture. Then add two smaller ones on the top of his head in between the two biggest ones. As shown above. Then add clay to the rest of the neck.

Step 3: Details!

Now for the the step that takes the most patience...............yay......... Roll out a thousand (not really a thousand. That's just how much it felt like I rolled out!) teenie, tiny little balls of black clay and gently press them on the head where you would like the scales to be. Then add little spikes, by rolling out little balls and flattening them. Then you can blend them on while making sure they are going down his head towards his nose. Also, you can add little pressed balls of black clay onto the back of the two biggest ear/horns, as you can kind of see in the picture. Then you can add any other details you would like. The skys the limit! Now you can bake it according to you clay's package instructions. Next, take your black paint and paint a pupil. Then if desired, add small light green streaks and/or a white dot in the corner of his pupils for a reflection type look.

Step 4: Your Done!

This is the most rewarding step in the process. Your done! Now you can sit back and enjoy your brand new sculpture! You can also customize this to how ever you like it. I decided to glue a round piece of wood onto the back of his neck so I could hang him on my wall.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read my Instructable. I really hope you enjoyed it. Till next time! God bless you!

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