Introduction: Nightlight Felt Cupcake

So we're making a school project, and we had to include a circuit in it. We were thinking along the lines of a nightlight, but also something nice to have in broad daylight, so we settled on a felt cupcake with a complimentary LED 'cherry' for possible use as a nightlight. It's surprisingly simple compared to what we thought - so here are the steps to your own felt nightlight cupcake; it's easy to carry around, switch on and off, replace battery, and more!

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

You will need the following materials and tools:

  • red LED
  • switch
  • wire
  • stuffing
  • battery & battery holder
  • felt
  • pipe cleaner
  • yogurt cup
  • needle & thread
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • wire strippers & wire cutters
  • needle-nose pliers
  • compass (optional)
  • pen or pencil (optional)
  • exacto-knife
  • duct tape

Step 2: Securing the 'Wrapper'

Use your exacto-knife to cut a rectangle-shaped hole (around the size of your switch) in the bottom of your yogurt cup.

Cut a circle of felt big enough to cover the outside of your cup. Flip the yogurt cup upside-down and position the circle of felt to have it centered on the bottom of the cup, slightly creasing the edges around the cup. Coil a pipe cleaner around the edge of the bottom and slowly shove it down (folding the felt with it). Flip the cup back around and hot glue the top of the felt to the rim of the cup.

Step 3: Begin the Circuit

Stick the switch through the hole at the bottom of the cup (with a layer of felt covering it outside the cup). Wrap two wires around the switch to begin the circuit. Attach one wire to the battery holder, and place the battery inside. Duck tape the switch down to secure.

Step 4: Muffin Top

Cut two large circles of felt, one bigger than the other. Cut a small hole near the edge of the smaller circle and one in the middle of the larger one. Whip-stitch the edges together, leaving a 1 inch gap. Stuff the circles (there's no such thing as overstuffing here) and sew up the gap. Before closing the stitch, loop the thread around the 'wrapper' a few times. Make sure the larger circle is facing upwards, on top of the smaller one.

Step 5: Finish the Circuit

Cut a circle of felt the same size as the rim of the cup. Cut a small slit at the edge of the circle. Stuff 3/4 of the yogurt cup and cover the circuit with the circle of felt, allowing the wires to slip through the slit. Push the wires through the two holes in the 'muffin top' and attach a LED to the ends (now is the time to check if your circuit works/any issues with it).

Step 6: Toppings!

Whip-stitch two circles of red felt together, stopping the stitch halfway. Cover the LED on the top of the muffin with fluff, and pull the two circles on top (the 'cherry'). Finish the whip-stitch by sewing it onto the muffin top. Use a needle-nose pliers to bend one end of a smallish piece of green pipe cleaner around in a circle. Bend the other edge at approximately a 90 degree angle and slightly arch the entire thing. Stick the the 90 degree bent end into a gap between two stitches on the 'cherry' to create the appearance of a stem. Optionally, use stuffing or felt to make 'frosting' or glue beads on for 'sprinkles'. Now you have your perfect cupcake nightlight!