Introduction: No 3D Printer Plastic Christmas Trees!

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You will need:

2 plastic cups, preferably green and yellow

A few plastic straws, any color you would like

Hot glue gun

And scissors

Step 1: Get Your First Plastic Cup

Take your first plastic cup...

Step 2: Cut in Half

Cut the cup in half with some decently sharp scissors.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces Into Triangles

Cut the pieces in half then cut them into triangles.

Step 4: Grab Your Plastic Straw

Step 5: Cut Them

Cut them into little bits, about half a centimeter long.

Step 6: Take Your Hot Glue Gun

And glue the pieces together like so.

Step 7: This Is What Your Tree Should Look Like

Step 8: Now Start Gluing on the Straw Pieces

Step 9: This Is What It Should Look Like

Step 10: Next Take Your Other Plastic Cup

Step 11: Cut It Into a Star

And glue it on top!

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