Introduction: No Bake Halloween Bat Snack

Bats! You can cut chocolate wafer cookies in half and stick them into pretty much anything and they'll look like bats. This is a super fast treat that requires no cooking- a 10 minute snack.

The first version I made used chocolate graham crackers but then I tried Keebler Deluxe Fudge covered graham crackers and they're just as delicious, though a little less “healthy”.

Step 1:

Nabisco Chocolate wafer cookies

Keebler Deluxe Fudge covered graham cracker cookies OR chocolate graham crackers

Nut butter (I used peanut butter)

Red gel


Candy googly eyes- I found tiny (Wilton brand) googly eyes at Michael's - in white and RED! and multi colored ones at Joanne Fabrics.


I bought a crinkle cutter at a yard sale and it makes a fun cut but really a serrated knife will do the job.

Tweezers- it’s hard to position the fangs without them if you don’t have tiny coordinated fingers.

Step 2: Assemble

Cut the chocolate cookie wafer in half with the serrated knife (saw across).

Use any broken bits to make 2 tiny triangle bat ears.

Spread peanut butter on one side of the graham cracker.

Position the wings and ears and then sandwich them in place with a second graham cracker.

Add 2 gel dots for the eyes and a gel smile.

Step 3: Serve

Put the googly eyes on the gel dots, then add the sprinkle “fangs" with the tweezers.

Set up a production line and you’ll have a plate of bats in no time!

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