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Introduction: No Bake Cheesecake With Oreo Crust

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Cheesecake is a rich, smooth and creamy dessert.

It is no-bake version.

The base crust is made of oreo crumbs, the filling is mixture of cream cheese and condense milk. Topped with chocolate sauce and fresh rasberries. Sounds delicious right??

We all liked it lot.. pls try this recipe.. I am sure you will love it..

Step 1: Ingredients

For Base crust:

Oreo - 20 biscuits

3 tbsp melted unsalted butter

2 tbsp granulated sugar

For Creamcheese fiiling:

1 - 8 ounce creamcheese, softened

1 cup sweetened condense milk

1 tsp Vanilla extract

For Topping:

Chocolate sauce

Fresh rasberries

Serves : 8

Step 2: Oreo Base Crust

Take oreo biscuits in ziplock bag, crush them into fine powder using rolling pin.

In a bowl, add oreo crumbs, melted butter and sugar. Mix it well until all combined.

Transfer the mixture into 6 inch round springform pan. Spread and press with tumbler/glass. Refrigerate it until use.

Step 3: Creamcheese Filling

In a large mixing bowl, add cream cheese and beat it with electric hand mixer until creamy.

Add condense milk and vanilla essence, beat untill smooth and creamy.

Pour the creamy mixture over the base crust and spread it evenly with rubber spatula.

Step 4: Cheesecake Topping

Take chocolate sauce and pour drop of circles over the cake.

Use clean thoothpick or skewer, drag through the centre of circle in a continous line.

Top with fresh rasberries and cover the pan with plastric wrap.

Refridgerate it for 4 hours.

Serve chill

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7 years ago

made it and refrigerated for around 12 hours, but it still hadn't set as I discovered to my dismay as it leaked all over my car... I followed the recipe to the letter too?


Reply 6 years ago

It has to be served chilled.

It simply melted is all.

Cars can be very warm. Don't forget, even we are almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit. MUCH warmer than a chilled cheese cake. So you might not have noticed how warm it was in your car at the time.

Hope this helps :)


7 years ago on Introduction

This looks very tasty. I like the design on the second picture. Thanks for sharing

Bhawya and do have a great day.



Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Thank you Sunshiine. Have a great day to you too :)