Introduction: No Borax or Starch Flubber/slime/putty

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I've been looking for a no starch or borax flubber for a long time
Some recipes had tide, cornstarch, lotion, clear glue and other ridiculous ingredients
Today, I found a recipe on YouTube on flubber and sounded very believable
I tried it out and a total fail
I then viewed the videos comments and one said just use glue, eye drops and baking soda
I tried it out with using the same ingredients in the video and the same ingredients the comment suggested it turned out great
But it smelled horribly like bleach and it was very wet
It was also very airy and not that stretchy
So I just used the recipe the comment suggested

Step 1: Materials

Any kind of glue (glitter glue, white glue, clear glue...)

Baking soda

Any type of eye drops

Step 2: Steps

Grab a bowl and add in a some glue
How ever much glue you add in that is the size of the flubber
Add in a few drops of food color and mix
Add in a few drops of eye drops and mix
Then add in a pinch of baking soda and mix quickly
The baking soda foams up the glue
It will form a putty when fully mixed
Take the putty out of bowl and play with it
If it is too sticky, add a drop of eye drops

Step 3: Results

This is a great alternative to the regular flubber with borax
I love this flubber and it is fun for kids
It also can do anything regular flubber can