Introduction: No Cost Crampons

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Crampons are a must have if you plan to brave the elements! The traction crampons provide is absolutely paramount to safety when traversing on ice. Crampons start at around $65.00 and usually consist of rubber and chains. In this tutorial, I will show you how to rig up some of your own at almost no cost from some leftover workbench materials. These crampons will be custom fit to any shoe and can be removable or permanent.

You will need:

- 10 7" zip ties (+4 if you want them permanently fixed on shoes)

- 17 1/4 nuts (-4 if you want them permanently fixed on shoes)

- Scissors


- Safety Pin (to unlock zip ties)

Step 1: Start at the Heel

1. Start by creating a simple "L" with 2 nuts on the horizontal zip tie. (picture 1)

2. Thread the zip ties through the nuts. Make sure the heads of the zip ties are flush against the horizontal "L" zip tie (Red Circles).

Picture 2

1. Add 2 nuts to the descending zip ties.

2. Add 2 more connecting both zip ties

Step 2: Middle of Shoe

1. Attach 2 zip ties facing outward. (Red Circle).

2. Slip on 2 more nuts then combine the zip ties using 1 nut in the middle, then add 2 more.

Picture 2

1. Add 2 more zip ties at the bottom. (Blue Circle). This will wrap around to make the front strap.

Step 3: Slip in Your Straps

1. Slip in 2 more zip ties on these nuts: (Purple Circles). This will be your middle strap.

2. Connect the "L" at the heel. This will be your heel strap. (Red Circle)

-Blue Circles are your toes strap-


I cut the ends off my zip ties to make it easier to see. Do not do this until you have adjusted the front in the next step.

Step 4: Top of Shoe (Removable Crampons)

Proceed to next step for Fixed crampons.

1. For removable crampons: add a nut to each zip tie and connect both with 1 nut.

2. Fold the zip ties back over and slip under each respective nut. Pull tight to tighten your crampons.

Step 5: Fixed Crampons

1. Simply connect the 2 zip ties with a single nut. Lock them in place by adding 2 additional zip ties and clipping them at the head. (Red Circle)

Step 6: Tighten and Finish

1. Once you have the top of your crampons tight, adjust the rest of your shoe starting at the heel.

2. After tightening everything up, clean up your crampon by cutting off all the loose ends.

Congratulations! You did it! You saved at least $65.00 by using some spare materials you found on your workbench. Brave the elements safely. Your mom will thank you.

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