Introduction: No Energy Speaker

Design By: Christian Johnson, Dillon Zvorsky, and Jason Wenrich

Step 1: Tools

1. Marker

2. Scissors(Be careful when using)

3. Knife(Be careful while using a knife to cut)

4.Tape(If needed)

5. Ruler

Step 2: Materials

1. 2 Solo Cups(cup can be any color use choose)

2. One empty Pringles can( Large or Normal size)

3. Cell Phone(I Phone 8+ - 3.7 inches, I Phone 8 - 2.65 inches, I Phone X - 2.79 inches)

4. 4 thumbtacks

Step 3: Cut Hole for Cell Phone

1. If phone dimensions aren't given, use the ruler to measure your cell phone

2. Then, find the center of the can

3. Use the marker to mark where you will make the cut

4. Use the knife to cut the slot for your cell phone

5. Make sure the slot is smaller than the phone dimensions to insure a tight fit.

Step 4: Cut Holes for the 2 Cups

1. Measure an inch from the edge of the can

2. Start to trace around the bottom of the cup with the marker

3. Use the knife to cut out the hole for the cups to be placed in

Step 5: Seal Can With Given Lid

1. Empty any remnants

2. Put the lid on the can to ensure no sound will escape

Step 6: Insert Cups

1. Put cups into the holes, which you cut before

2. Mark how deep it is on the cup with the marker

3. Cut the cup with the knife

4. Insert the cups into the holes and if needed you can tape around the sides for a stronger hold

Step 7: Add Thumbtacks

1. Put thumbtacks into the bottom of the can in a row

2. Make sure the tacks are loose to allow for some sturdiness

Step 8: Start Using the Speaker

1. Place cell phone in the slot you cut before

2. Start to play whatever music you prefer

3. Enjoy listening to your music amplified

Step 9: Optional Step

1. Duct tape around the can, to add color or design

2. Or wrap paper around the can( wrapping paper or construction paper will work well)

3. Anything else that comes to mind for design purposes can be done.