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In general my home looks quite tidy and decluttered...

- BUT DON'T OPEN ANY DRAWERS OR CABINETS - theres only chaos waiting!

here's how I (finally ) organized my spice drawer (at least one drawer is chaos free now whohoo! ) !

Now I will have so many minutes more to write instructables instead of searching for cayenne pepper, thyme or even cinnamon! - GREAT! - a new way of living :)

I dedicate this instructable to everyone who is terrified about somones else open your (kitchen ) drawer -this one is for you!

Yes, I know you can buy these drawer inserts - but they are made from plastic which i kind of dislike and honestly: where's the fun?

- make it - don't buy it!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

*I had this looooong ~1,5 m / 59" tube of cardboard lying around - it came with a carped :)

It should be around 5 cm/ 1,97" in diameter, if you use cardboard, you can widen it easily later.

in general you could use any kind of tubing - maybe an old pvc pipe, or even paper towel rolls taped together - so many possibilities and I'd love to see what you come up with!

*a glue gun, or tape, both works fine ( YES, I know that's basically plastic and I feel kinda bad about it )

*a sharp knife

*a measuring tape

* a pen and scissors (if you use tape )

I. Optional (but will add a certain amount of prettiness) :

*wrapping paper, or old book pages, pages from a cooking magazine - whatever you like

*white glue

*paintbrush - to spread the white glue

II. Optional (but makes it a little easier to clean - if you're into that part) :

*self adhesive clear vinyl ( YES! I know that's plastic too, but I had it already, so the damage was done already...)

Step 2: Emptying the Chaotic Spice Drawer and Measure

Now roll up your sleeves and get started!

get all these spice jars, odd refills, and dead bodies (empty jars ) out of the drawer - you will be surprised, how many stuff this drawer was able to hold - and you'll find a lot of crazy spice samples you collected to try someday ...

clean out all the loose powders that were the result of half (hearted ) closed jars and refill bags (and the samples )

*aaaaaaawwwww so fresh and so clean (clean ) *

and measure your drawer in length and width.

Step 3: Cut the Correct Length

I measured, that my tube was enough for (almost) 4 shorter tubes that would fit in my drawer,

the 4. tube would be a little shorter - but that's nothing to care about - it won't matter!

Cut the tubes, so that they fit exactly- maybe even with a little pressure.

A sharp carpet cutter was perfect for the job on this heavy cardboard tubing.

Step 4: Cut in Half Lengthwise

mark the tubes exact or approximate half - it's up to your eyeballing skills

then cut along the marked line - for my heavy tubing the wavy egde knife of my leatherman was great, I guess a jigsaw would work too, but the day I made it, it was -20°C / -4°F below and I dind't feel like working outside, brrrrrrrrrr

Now you have beautiful, inaccurate half tubes :)

Step 5: If It Doesn't Fit: Use Sheer Force!

If it doesn't fit your spice jars, give up instantly OR make it fit - you're a maker, aren't you!

in my case the cardboard tubing was unnecassarily strong, so I could simply tear alot of the inside layers and discard them, then, with a little ellbow grease, i pressed it wider with my hands against a hard surface.

Tadaaaaah! It fits perfectly :)

Step 6: Glue It!

place your - superb fitting - half tubes upside down on a non stick surface (I used a sheet of parchment paper )

align them and glue with hot glue or tape - both works fine!

It doesn't have to be pretty - but of course add some glitter if it makes you feel better :)

Step 7: Done ...

... if you want to keep it simple and like the industrial look and functionality.

proceed the instructable if you want to make it "a little more appealing"

- just in case -one beautiful day- someone else opens that drawer...

Step 8: I. Optional: Make It Pretty

now all the optional stuff and a big portion of customizing kicks in,

I used old book pages that I had left from another project - oddly shaped, that was time consuming - but I'm happy with the end result, and thats what counts :)

I glued everyting with white glue and trimmed the edges.

You may use:

wrapping paper,


pages from a cooking magazine

or maybe simply paint it

Step 9: II. Optional - Make It Last

Of course you want your hard work to last - even a cleaning attack of your mother in law - so it's time to make it more sturdy:

cut the self adhesive clear vinyl to the approximate size of the (now so pretty ) organizer

carefully cover the organizer and follow the round form with your hands - it's a little tricky, but quite forgiving.

trim the edges and you are almost done...

Note: you could also paint it with some coats of clear varnish instead.

Step 10: Organize a Little More...

time to get rid of all the odd samples, refills and other stuff.

use empty spice jars and label them correct

ohh that feeling - you finally get your act together!

Step 11: Be Proud!

it's ok to shed some tears of glory,

be proud, be thrilled, you made it! - one drawer closer to heaven ... ( erm, you know what I mean)

The craziest thing about this, every single jar and refill from the chaotic mess before, fitted into the new organizer - I didn't hide anything for the photos.

Now imagine you - confidently- ask someone else standing in your kitchen:
"could you please open that spice drawer and hand me that (super fancy) wasabi - sesame blend" ohhh such a great feeling! ( but pray for the person to open the right drawer and not the still chaotic one :D)

I hope you enjoyed your stay!


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