Introduction: No Sew Handbag

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A few days ago I saw a similar bag around the internet.
I really liked it, plus I saw that it was so easy to make! 
I have some artificial leather left from my father's job, so I thought, why not trying it? :)

It was very easy and quick to make.
There is no need to sew and I am sure that anybody can do it!

This is the result!!!

The only "problem" (for me), is that it turned out quite small...I like big bags so I wish it was bigger.
Maybe I will try to make a bigger version one of these days.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Artificial leather (or any kind you like)
  • ribbon*
  • bag handle
*I used an elastic ribbon cut from a t-shirt (!!) so I didn't really measure it, but if you use a regular one, I believe you should cut it at least 80cm long (31.49 inches).

  • Ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • leather hole punch

Step 2:

Take your leather and lay it on a table with the front side facing the table.
This way you can make marks in the back without ruining it.

Draw a circle on it, with a diameter of about 54cm (21.25 inches). 
I used a plate as guide to make a bigger circle, but you can use whatever method you prefer.

Cut the circle.
I know it may sound weird now, but this will be your bag! :D

Step 3:

Draw 2 perpendicular diameters on your leather circle, then divide the 4 sections in half drawing other diameters, and finally, divide them in half again.
This way you will have 8 lines and 16 sections.

Now starting from the circumference of the circle measure 4 or 5cm (1.96 inches) on every line and draw a mark: that's where you have to make holes using your leather hole punch.
I made them 5cm distant from the border of the circle, but after I finished to make my bag, I thought that 4cm would have probably been better, so it's up to you.

Step 4:

What you have to do now is inserting your ribbon in the holes that you have just made, as if you were "sewing".
Close your bag and give it a shape as you do it. 
Of course you must put the back side of your leather on the inside of your bag as you close it.

Let both the beginning and end of the lace come out to the front of the leather.
Now join them together making a bow.

Attach your bag handle to the sides of the bag, where the ribbon is out.

Your handbag is done! I can't think of anything easier than this! :)

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