Introduction: No-Sew Sock Booster

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No-Sew Sock Booster

Your toes are chilled and socks are just not keeping you warm? Well you need to apply some HEAT.... You need a Sock Booster!

This is a quick project to add a heat source to your toes. This Instructables adds a "HotHands" air-activated hand warmer to your toe area.


Fun Warm Socks

HotHands Air-Activated Hand Warmer

Gray 9" x 12" Craft Felt

2" x 4" Velcro Fastener

Glue Gun


Fine-point felt marker

Step 1: Trace Your Sock and Cut Out the Felt

Trace the outline of your sock onto the felt.

Cut out two matching pieces of felt (really 4).

[This instructions will walk through making one toe heater... Repeat for a second to heater!)

Step 2: Hot Glue the Velcro to the Felt

Cut off a narrow strip of hook and another of loop and hot glue them to the felt.

An easy way to insure alignment is to glue hook down to the felt, then apply the loop to the hook. After they are together you apply hot glue to the loop and lay the felt over the combination, making sure it is lined up.

(No felt is glued together at this time) Pull the velcro apart and lay the felt pieces next to each other.

Step 3: Hot Glue the Felt Together

Apply hot glue around the curved perimeter. Place the opposing felt onto the hot glue. Velcro should line up. Press firmly to force the hot glue into the fibers.

Step 4: Apply Velcro to the Bottom of the Felt

Cut the remaining hook side of the Velcro in half and apply it to the bottom of the felt pouch. You can use the self-adhesive on the hook piece or hot glue it in place.

Step 5: Install Heater

Open the package the hand warmers come in. The heaters activate when exposed to air. It may take up to 30 minutes to get to full heat. The more air the warmer they get.

To make it easier to insert the heater fold the corners back to allow the heater go all the way into the tip.

Step 6: Insert the Felt Pouch Into Your Sock

Insert the felt pouch with heater installed into the sock with the velcro hook patch facing downward.

Step 7: Heat Those Toes!

Slip on the socks making sure your toes go over on top of the felt pouch.

Enjoy those warm toes!

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