Introduction: No Sew Zippered Hobby Bags

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I made these clear zippered bags to store my craft studio stash. The clear plastic lets me see what's in the bag and the swivel clasp attached to the zipper pull is great to group on a ring or hang on a hook. Since plastic can be a pain to sew, I use tape instead of a sewing machine to put it all together.

The zipper pulls are made with washi tape and the front decoration is adhesive backed vinyl cut on my electric die cut machine. The plastic? It came from a shower curtain.

Check out the steps below. You'll be surprised how easy they are to make.

Step 1: Supplies


  • Clear plastic (such as a shower curtain or yardage purchased at a fabric store
  • Strong 1/8 inch double-sided tape (Scor tape works great)
  • 5 inch zipper (available in bulk for about .12 cents each)
  • Washi Tape (optional)
  • Adhesive backed vinyl (optional)
  • Swivel Clasps (optional)


  • Scissors (or cutting mat and rotary cutter)
  • Brayer (or roller)
  • Grease pen for marking

Step 2: Cut Plastic

Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut plastic 6 1/2 x 13 inches.

Step 3: Apply Tape

With the zipper facing up, apply two rows of tape to both the top and bottom of the zipper.

Lay the plastic wrong side up. Apply 6 inches of tape to the long sides of the plastic 1 inch down from the end. This is the tape that will be used for the side seams. Note that this will be the wrong side of the plastic.

Use a roller or brayer to adhere firmly to plastic.

Step 4: Tape Bottom Half of Zipper

Place the plastic right side up. Remove tape backing from the first row of the the bottom half of the zipper and adhere to the short side of the plastic. Repeat with the top row of tape. Use a brayer to adhere.

Step 5: Tape Top Half of Zipper

Move the other end of the plastic up to meet the top half of the zipper. Double check to make sure right sides are together. Remove tape backing from the first row of tape. Press to adhere. Repeat with the bottom row of the tape.

Step 6: Tape Side Seams

Unzip the zipper and turn inside out. Close zipper.

Use the brayer to further adhere the zipper.

Position bag so that the edges are square. Remove the tape on the left side and adhere. Repeat for the right side.

Step 7: Make the Zipper Pull

Cut 5 inches of washi tape. Position right side up. Fold long side in thirds and adhere the tape to itself. This will make the a narrow strip that will fit into the hole of the zipper's pull. If desired, add a swivel clasp. Apply a 1/2 inch piece of double sided tape to the end of strip. Adhere to form a loop.

Step 8: Decorate

Position the sticker to the middle of the front of bag. Remove the outside backing. Admire your very cool DIY bag!

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