Introduction: No Sewed Origami Leather Card Case

This card case was made from Vegetable cowhide. This project is quick and easy, let's make fun.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

For this project you are going to need:

Leather (I used about 1.2mm thick)

Leather dye (Optional)

Leather 3D Printed stamp (Optional)

Leather Polish oil (Optional)

* you can download 3d stamps here.

Step 2: Drawing Pattern

  • Drawing pattern with draftsight (free 2D CAD software) or Autocad

Step 3: Cutting Leather

Cutting leather with laser cutter. ( I used MYCNC 0705 laser cutter in Fab Lab Daejeon, Korea.)

Step 4: Fold Leather

Dying and stamping leather ( this step is optional.)

Fold leather to make card case’s shape.

All done. Make easy and fun :)

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