Introduction: No Steal Chopstick Pens

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Every time I lay a pen down on my desk someone takes it, Sick and tired one day I happened across the weekly challenge that had to do with Chopsticks, Then it hit me what’s the only pen that people don't take? It's those ones that have obviously been chewed on, no one like using a pen that's been in someone’s mouth!

Thus was born "The No Steal Chopstick Pens"

Step 1: Materials

Chopsticks (of course used or not is your choice)
Barrel style pens (the kind with the removable shafts)
Glue or Epoxy (Gorilla glue epoxy is only 5.47 at Home Depot)
Wire Coat Hanger
Used Engine Oil

Drill (and/or Drill Press)
Blowtorch (Plumbing type will do fine)
Vice grips
Ball Hammer
Vice or Anvil
Pilot Bit

Step 2: Making the Bit

As with most drill bits they are rarely long enough to drill deep enough for the barrel of the pen. So in order to make these I needed a "Bore" or more simply a bit long enough to do the job.

Making a quick bit that can be used only a few times before being worn out is a simple process of heat treating a coat hanger with oil to make it rigid.

Step 1:
Cut your coat hanger the right length (Remember not to cut it to long as the longer it is the easier it will twist on you)

Step 2:
Clamp it in Vice grips (Important to use a clamp of some kind so you don't burn your hand from the transfer of heat)

Step 3:
Heat it red hot with your blow torch

Step 4:
Hammer one end flat

Step 5:
File the hammered edge to a point and sharpen the edges

Step 6:
Re-heat to red hot again, and then while still red dip it straight into the oil (do not go at an angle it will warp the wire)

Step 7:
Wipe it clean and your ready to use it

Step 3: Drill It!

First start with a pilot bit the same size of your homemade bit; drill a starter hole as deep as you can with the bit. "TIP: go very slow if your using a press set your belts on the lowest speed possible, this will also help keeping the Chopstick straight"

Finally finish boring the hole with your homemade bit till your barrel slides all the way down into the hole and stops with the tip extruding out.

Step 4: Glue It and Use It!

Last drop a few drops of glue or epoxy down in the hole and slide in your pen barrel, once it's dry your ready to take them to work.

A nice touch would be to stop and get an empty rice box from your favorite Chinese eatery drop in your pens and sit it on your desk. Most people that see the pens probably won't take it because you might have had those in your mouth, for the adventurous type they "ARE" still chopsticks and you can still eat with them.

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