Introduction: The Man Beater

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I am sitting here watching the Walking Dead marathon, and thought I'd like some brownies! But I don't know how to cook stuff like that and my daughter has since moved out to college. Well with some creative Googling, I found a recipe and checked my kitchen for stuff Jasmine left behind, everything but a beater to mix stuff? I tried the whisk, just way to slow, then it hit me! The Man Beater!

Step 1: What I Needed

1. A wire whisk

2. A Cordless Drill 1/2" chuck

3. Pliers

Step 2: The Build

Taking the pliers and crimping the loop at the end actually broke the wire in half, so I decided to fold the wire over as kind of a key inside the drill.

Insert the whisk and tighten the clutch.

Your all done, ready to start mixing!

Tip: Lower the speed on your drill! Trust me, cleaning that mess took longer than making the beater!

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