Introduction: No Weld Steampunk Knife

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This is simple and awesome. I made a sword as an awesome steampunk practice weapon and now I'm going to make a knife.
Copper pipe (any length, any width)
Gorilla Glue
accesories (aka garage sale free box crap)
copper pipe cutter

Step 1: Cut the Pipe

I think the title of this step is pretty self explanatory, but cut the pipe to desired length with a pipe cutter.

Step 2: Accesories

Make  the end attachments. I used some stuff from a hardware store, a nut, and a hose end from a garage sale. Attach pieces with Gorilla Glue and clamp until dry.

Step 3: Put It All Together

attach your accesories to the main part with Gorilla Glue and clamp till dry. This is way easy. Unless your dumb.

Step 4: Handle

I used this shiny tape as a handle, but use whatever you want. (warning: shiny tape is sharp and sharp things hurt, am I right)

Step 5: The Sword

The picture shows the ninja inspired sword I made a while ago in comparison with my knife. I'm thinking of being the steampunk ninja for halloween and these will be my weapons.

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