Introduction: Noisy Christmas Sweater

Who wouldn't want a simple but more like an ugly Christmas sweater for the parties? Well I decided to go with some materials I had a home from extra Christmas decorations.

For this Christmas sweater you will need:

Felt (white, red, and green)

Jingle Bells (red and silver)

Clear plastic star ornament

Garland (any color or size)

Gold metallic glitter thread

Hot glue


Step 1:

First start by making a christmas tree out of the green felt

Step 2:

Than do the red part of the Santa hat with the red felt

Step 3:

Do the white parts from the santa hat

for this part I drew them in paper than I cut them out but didn't take a picture of the felt by itself

Step 4:

Next I hot glued the tree into the sweater

Step 5:

After that I put the santa hat together on top of the tree with hot glue

Step 6:

Next I decided to add some garland at the bottom of the sweater

Step 7:

I hot glued the jingle bells into the sweater making a necklace

Step 8:

Than I added the clear plastic star ornament in the middle of the necklace like if it was hanging from the necklace

Step 9:

Final step is to add the gold metallic thread on the tree and the sweater is DONE!!