Introduction: Non-Sticky (Reusable) Tape Cable Ties

If you've ever tied cables with most kinds of tape, you've most definitely cursed the moment you did so. Some tapes will, even after a few days, start leaving all the sticky stuff on the cables and you have to find a way to clean all the dust, dirt and hair that's stuck on your cables. This is an easy and fast way to avoid this when you run out of commercially available cable ties.

Step 1: Cut Some Tape

Cut the tape that's available to about 15cm long. It doesn't really matter what make, colour etc it is. Shorter tape will make a small cable tie, longer tape for bigger cable ties.

Step 2: Sticky Side

Cut along the length of your tape for about 5cm to 6cm.

Step 3: Fold 1

Fold one side length-wise until the cut and stick both sticky sides together.

Step 4: Fold 2

Fold your tape width-wise in the middle and again stick the sticky sides together.

Step 5: Fold 3.

Fold and stick about 1cm from the top of the sticky part.

This is it!

Step 6: Your Cable Tie Is Done!

You now have a reusable non-sticky tape cable tie!

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