Introduction: Noodle Girl, a Tribute to Qinni

This Instructable is dedicated to a Canadian artist named Qinni. She had an amazing watercolor technique. I loved her work since the first moment I saw it. She’s been a really big inspiration for me. I picked “instant noodles are awesome” to make this fun piece.

You will find Qinni's original illustration here:

So, let’s make a pretty Noodle Girl! Here’s how, let’s have fun!



Modeling clay tools (if you don’t have modeling tools, you can use crochet needles)

Fondant roller or any other cylindrical object

Pizza cutter or any paper cutter


Round Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Wire cutters

Paintbrush 1, 2, 3, as many as you need

Cutting surface

Plastic to protect surface


Modeling clay

Empty hand cream container

Aluminum foil

Steel wire (25 in aprox.)

Gage wire (4 in aprox.)

Off white spray paint

Gray spray paint

Acrylic craft paint: white, yellow, pale yellow, orange, blue, sky blue, gold, pink, red.

Brush marker

Painter tape and aluminum tape.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies.

Make party of tools, I think it is better to have everything you think you will be needing handy. Don't worry if you don't have any specialized tools, you can always use whatever you think would be useful, don't be afraid to get creative.

One extra thing before starting: please make sure to take safety procedures, security glasses and be safe handling sharp objects.

Step 2: Let's Make the The Bowl

The bowl is gonna be the base of our sculpture. In this case I will be using this empty hand cream container. Whatever you use just make sure that is super clean.

Make 6 holes at the bottom the size of your steel wire. You can use a hot needle or automatic tool. Also, remove any parts you don't need. Use the lid as the inferior base.

Cut approximately 25 in of Steel wire and then cut it in half. Bend the two parts by the middle. You are going to use one piece to make the torso and the neck and the other half for the legs. Insert the wire of the torso in two of the holes. Use the other 4 holes to make the legs, then adjust the size.

Glue a small piece of plastic or paper at the bottom of the container if need, it will make a nice detail for the bowl.

Sand out the container until you have a smooth surface.

Step 3: Spray Pinting

Now, off to spray paint the bowl and base. Off white for the bowl, semi glossy gray for the base.

Spray the first layer of paint and let dry for 20-30 minutes, repeat for a second and third layer, then let dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: In the Meantime, Start With the Head

Start by making a small aluminum foil ball, of about an inch in diameter. Cover it with modeling clay, first like a ball, then make an egg shape. It will be an 1.5 in tall egg.

Divide the egg shape in half vertically and half horizontally. Place the eyes over the horizontal line then the open mouth at the bottom half vertically. Add the nose and enough clay to give the face a good shape. Check the video.

Take a fun picture of the head and then go to sleep! You deserve it! (if you need it, I guess).

Step 5: Dry Bowl, Fresh Noodles

Once the bowl and base are dry, fill it with a layer of wrinkled paper and a second layer of wrinkled aluminum foil. This will give us the volume we need for the noodles.

Aroud the torso, intertwine the 4 inches of gage wire, this will give the modeling clay more support. Start filling the torso and legs with modeling clay. Start by laying small pieces, then add as many layers as needed. Use the modeling tools of your preference to give shape. When torso and legs have the shape you want, start with the noodles.

Flatten about 5 or 6 pieces of modeling clay, let them be about .10 in. (1/10 inch) in thickness and cut them with the pizza cutter in small pieces. Lay them around the torso and legs inside the bowl. Save some long flat pieces for the hair noodles.

Step 6: Noodle Girl, There You Are

Once you have your bowl full of noodles, and the body of the girl, place the head and start adding the hair.

Step 7: Making the Hand and Working on the Face Details

If you find modeling the hand challenging as I did, model it first and then add it to the sculpture, as we did with the head. It's a piece with very little details, so work on them on a flat surface, then take it off, insert it to the arm and mold.

Once the hand is done, go back and work on any small details you might need to make the face prettier.

Step 8: Primer Layer

Add a couple layers of white acrylic paint as a primer. This will help your piece to gain hardness and any color you add later will look great.

Step 9: Add Color

Painting the noodles.
Use yellow with a little bit of orange combined for the noodles. When dried add orange over and clean with a clean wet brush, cotton swab, or napkin. This will give some depth to the hair/noodles.

Now, add pale yellow with a dry brush on the oustanding parts and fade a little bit with a napkin, or use your fingers as I did. Add golden acrylic paint as a small detail on the most visible parts of the hair.

Paint the skin any skin color you think will look awesome and add a little darker shade to give it some depth.
Finally, paint the eyes! This one has blue eyes as Qinni's illustration but paint the eye color as you desire. Also, paint cheeks in a discrete pale pink, red for inner mouth, and pink for very small lips. Finally with your brush pen make the eyebrowns and eyelashes.

Step 10: Now Enjoy... Watching Her, Please Do Not Eat.

I hope you have enjoyed this! Don’t forget to upload pictures when you make your own and when you finish!

You will find Qinni's gallery and youtube channel here:

This is my facebook page if you want to reach and say Hi

Thanks for watching!

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