Introduction: Not All Heroes Wear Capes Coloring Page

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Download, color and give it to YOUR hero!

As you color, think about how humans perceive color. How is it that we are able to see all the colors in this image?

The human eye perceives color through the use of three different types of cones. Each cone is receptive to different ranges of visible light; short-preferring is sensitive to blue, middle-preferring to green, and long-preferring to red. These three cones absorb light and send the information to the brain where it then takes all three signals and overlaps them to create the array of colors that we see!

This fact of human biology was the basis of the RGB color scheme that is used in virtually all electronics today. The RGB color model is what we can an additive color model. An additive color model is one in which the three primary colors red, green, and blue are added in various ways to recreate all colors of the rainbow. All the colors you see on a computer screen, on TV, and on your phone use the RGB color scheme.

So, the next time you get onto any electronic device, remember that all the color you are seeing is really just red, green and blue overlapping!


Coloring pencils or markers

PDF of coloring sheet