Introduction: Numismatics Cabinet

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Why this project?
Because I needed a bigger space to store my coin/bank notes collection.

Because an ordered custom made cabinet would be expensive...
I turned to the repurpused material I had at home.


The repurposed material I used was:
- old shelves boards;
- used "floating-pavement" boards;
- used metal bookends.

What I had do buy:
- paint;
- plastic corner guards;
- shelves supports.

Step 1: Measuring Twice, Cutting Once!

So, first thing to do was drawing the plan according to the numismatics material. Because I live in Portugal, the units will be in centimeters.

The binders are A4: 29,7 cms X 21 cms sheets, plus the extra area... so, the measures are:
- overall size of the cabinet - height: 90 cms * depth: 34 cms * width: 65 cms
- size of each shelf - 28,5 cm x 34 cm
- space between each shelf 6,5 cm (5 cm of the binder depth + 1 cm of the shelf depth itself + 0,5 cm of "moving space")

Having these measures in mind, I cut:
- the boards from the old shelves (for the top, bottom, left, middle and right sides)
- the used "floating-pavement" boards (for the 24 shelves).

Step 2: Putting All Together

Before, gluing and srewing all the parts, I drilled a little hole every 6,5 cms in order to fix the shelves support pins (two rows in each inside wall).

After that, I put it all together:
- glued all the sides (top, bottom, left, middle and right);
- screwed all the mentioned five sides;
- glued the shelves (each one was made from two pieces of the used "floating-pavement" boards because its with was 19 cms and each shelf size was 28,5 cm X 34 cm);

Waited until the glue dryed up...

Then fixed the shelves support pins in the holes.

Step 3: Making It Pretty

After everything was ready and put together, it was time to make it pretty... :D

It was time to paint the cabinet. I chose a dark, almost black Tobacco color paint for the whole cabinet to contrast with the white of the the top and the guards.

After painting the cabinet and, of corse, wainting for it to dry, using the plastic corner guards, I glued them all around the front of the sides (top, bottom, left, middle and right).

So my numismatics books and cleaning material won't fall, I used some old metal bookends and cut it in order to have a kind of top fence on the top part of the cabinet. Screwed them and used white general purpose silicone to fill the gaps.

As a final touch, I painted the "fence" with opac white spray paint.

Step 4: Final Chapter

The last thing to do will be to put the numismatics cabinet in its final place and fill it with my binders... :D

At this time, when I'm publishing this project in order to enter the contest, it's still drying the paint, but I will place some more pictures of the final result! ;)