Introduction: Nurses’ Day Syringe Craft

Great appreciation gift for work parties!
Let’s celebrate the nurses in our life.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:
•syringe caps
•m&ms or other small candy
•pill crush pouches or self adhesive bags

(Estimate amount of supplies based on how many you are making.)

Step 2: Open All Supplies

Open all your supplies and prep them for use.

Step 3: 1.

Open small bags and put in a couple m&ms.

Step 4: 2.

Roll up the bag and place it inside the syringe. Do not close off the syringe yet.

Step 5: 3.

Add additional m&ms to the pouch inside the syringe. Now you can close it off from the top.

Step 6: 4.

Add syringe lock cap.

Step 7: 4.

Tie it off with a ribbon and enjoy!

Step 8: Final Product

Thank you for using this instructable!