Introduction: OLD SAREE FOOT MAT

Materials required

  • Old saree
  • Needle with thread
  • Scissor
  • Knitting needle

Step 1: Cutting and Tearing

  • Take any old plane saree(any color with border) or any saree and cut it 50-55 equal parts along with the length of the saree as shown in the image.(In this I used, one yellow saree with red jerry bordered. And keep it individually.)
  • Now tear it along with the length of the saree, and roll it individually as shown in the image.

Step 2: Braiding

  • Hear we need two knitting needles.
  • Now take one knitting needle and hold it in your left hand, put one knot as shown in image now put two knots tightly as shown in the image.
  • Now take another knitting needle and hold it in your right hand.
  • hold your left needle tightly 1cm bellow the tip of the needle, now insert your right needle tip to left needle first knot, and also keep the thread should be left side to the right needle, now wound the thread around the right needle tightly and remove it through that knot and also loose

    the first knot from the left needle to right needle and pull the thread tightly. As shown in the image.

  • Repeat this for the next knot also as shown in the image. one more knot is there this knot is only for reffrence

Step 3: Replacing Needle and Increasing Knots

  • Now replace the needles that means right needle is in left hand, left needle should be in right hand. and reverse the thread also, thread should be in between the needles and also again replace the knots to the empty one remember that now the needles in original place, in this position put two extra knots.
  • after put extra knot totally there are four knots,now transfer all four knots to the right needle and again transfer the needle, and reverse the thread now again transfer all 4 knots to left needle now the needles are in original position.
  • Now put extra 2 knots, totally 6 knots are there again continue the shifting process after shifting 6 knots to right needle now again exchange right needle to left hand left needle to right hand again put all knots to empty needle.
  • Now put 2 extra not now there are 8 knots and continue the process again and again until to reach 22 knots after reaching 22 knots it looks like a V shape as shown in the image.

Step 4: Change the Color

  • After getting V shape now we have to cut that yellow thread and attach red thread by using sewing thread and needle.
  • now continue the same process until to reach another 22 knots, totally we have 44 knots this is one quarter like this we have to make 11 quarters to compleate one circle.

Step 5: Start to Make Circle

  • After getting one quarter now we have to start making circle.
  • in this stage as shown in the image again cut yellow thread and attach red thread by using sewing thread and needle.n
  • After changing thread take 2 knots from the last line of the 1st quarter(as shown in the image) to right side needle again.Exchange the needle that means right hand needle to left hand left hand needle to right hand now revers the thread that should be in between the two needles when we done it in the begin like that only.
  • in the begin stage we are going put knots but here we are not going to put knots just taking two knots until to compleate 2nd quarter by using the same method that we have done in the first quarter.
  • like these the process is going until to compleate one circle

Step 6: Final Finishing

After reach 12th quarter as shown in image. Take two knots together that mean insert the needle through two knots at the same time and wound the thread around the needle take out that knot through the two knot and loose that two knots as a one knot and tight the thread as shown in the image.

Now sew both the edges together tightly with the help of needle and sewing thread.