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This is my latest origami creation where I tried to capture President Trump’s profile.

As you can see, it takes double-sided paper to make this model. I will show you how to make your own Double-sided paper that is affordable and easy to make. Then we can work on capturing Trump’s likeness through origami! Don’t forget to vote for me in the 2020 Paper Contest!


A can of spray adhesive (mine cost about $4.50 w/coupon at Hobby Lobby)

Yellow tissue paper

Orange paper


Flat Ruler


This is my Youtube how-to tutorial and I highly recommend it if you want to fold the origami design. But I have also provided a step by step photo tutorial also if you prefer that. Enjoy!

Step 2: Making Your Paper

Lay the orange paper on its white side, and spray an even coat of spray adhesive.

Carefully lay the tissue paper on top, trying to have as few wrinkles as possible.

Work the ruler’s edge over the paper, trying to work out any wrinkles. You can use your fingernail also.

Once your confidant you worked out the wrinkles, take the scissors and trim along the orange paper until all the excess tissue paper is gone. Now you have your own double-sided origami paper!

Step 3: Making a Square Base

With the yellow side facing up, valley fold the paper horizontally both ways. Unfold. Then mountain fold the paper diagonally both ways. Unfold. Now, using the folds we just made we are going to make what is called a “Square Base”. Collapse the paper using the photo as reference. It should now look like a smaller square.

Step 4: Making the Hair

Now take the inner point of the left of the model and reverse fold it part of the way. Use the photo as reference. Next valley fold the top layer of paper, using the corner of the paper on the left side as a guide. Then valley fold the left corner over as indicated. Then reverse fold the back corner to hide the paper. Then squash fold the ear. Make a small reverse fold at the top to shape the hair.

Step 5: Shaping and Finishing the Comb-over

Make a mountain fold on the bottom and another mountain fold on the side to shape the head. Now fold the right point over as far as it will go to finish the comb-over. Lastly, mountain fold the top so it is even with the comb-over. Then flip the model over.

Step 6: Making the Nose and Lips

With the model flipped over, fold the top corner back over as indicated to make the nose. Next we will be making the lips. Pull the back corner over so we can begin. Fold it back down and make a valley fold so a corner begins to stick out from the side of the model. Then lift up the bottom corner and make a type of squash fold to narrow the bottom lip. Now valley fold the corner as shown in the photo to start making the top lip. Then fold it back down to create the top lip. Lastly, curl the paper back a little with your fingernail to narrow the lip slightly.

Step 7: Finished!

Your Origami Donald J. Trump is now finished! I am not a supporter of Trump, but regardless, his orange head is now a part of history. That and I have a friend that is a Trump fan and I thought it would be funny to create an origami for him. If you are not a Trump fan, watch the end of my Youtube video, there you will find one of the many things you can do with your Trump origami. #feeltheburn. Don’t forget to vote for me in the 2020 Paper Contest! Thank you!

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