About: I love Star Wars and folding origami (hence the name). But I'm not afraid to make other things too. Most of my creativity comes from movies though. If you have any questions or comments, don't be afraid to ask.

An easy to do origami design for beginners! All it takes is a square piece of origami paper and some patience. This is my original design, and I have a great video tutorial accompanying it, so check it out! I have other Star Wars Origami on my Youtube channel too. Don’t forget to vote for it in the Paper Contest!!! Thank you!


Square piece of black origami paper (can be bought at any hobby shop). That’s all!

Step 1: My Video on How to Fold the ORIGAMI KYLO REN MASK TUTORIAL (STAR WARS)

This is my video tutorial on how to make the origami design. I highly recommend it as you will have an easier time for first time folders. But I have also included a step by step photo instructions in the steps below for those that want to us it. I have a lot more origami tutorials on Youtube, so check out my channel - Kyle Harrington Origami. Enjoy!

Step 2: Preliminary Folds

Fold the paper diagonally both ways. Then fold the top part to the middle crease on both sides.

Step 3: Folding the Viewpiece

Using the creases we just made, mountain fold them and flatten the paper. Then fold the tip up to the top of the model. Now fold it back down to the crease just made, but just make a mark fold. Then fold the sides over as in the picture. Lastly, mountain fold the tip back, but not so it is flush with the paper.

Step 4: Folding the Sides In

Partially unfold the model, and valley fold the sides in as indicated. Then re-fold the model back in place from to the beginning of this step.

Step 5: Shortening and Locking the Model

Valley Fold the bottom tip up to the top. Then fold it down to the new crease just made. Finally, fold the tip to where It reaches the white paper indicated and mountain fold it back, locking the model.

Step 6: Slimming the Model

Now Mountain Fold both sides back, using the photo as reference. Then flip the model over. Make a squash fold on each of the model, using the photo as reference. Flip the model back over.

Step 7: Final Shaping Steps

Final shaping. Valley fold both sides as indicated in the first photo. Then make some valley folds on the top of the model, shaping the top of the head. Finally, using your fingernail, gently curl the paper at the bottom of the model so it is curved. Don’t try to get the fold to be flat, it will just rip the paper.

Step 8: Finished!!!

Finished! Give them as gifts to your Star Wars geek friends! I also am working on an Origami Rey, which should be out soon on my Youtube channel. Don’t forget to vote for me in the paper contest! Thanks!

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