Introduction: Occupied

Here's a thought, have you ever had to go to the bathroom and all the stalls were occupied? Pretty frustrating, and a pretty good setup for a joke.

In this prank instructable, I'll show you how to make occupied stalls using materials that are readily available.

great places to implement this technique:
at restaurants
business offices
amusement parks

Step 1: Materials

The material list provided shows how to make ONE (1) jig for One (1) stall. For best results, have a set of materials for each stall that is in your target bathroom and if you have others to help you, other surrounding bathrooms.

What you need for this prank:
A pair of pants-
About 6 t shirts - 
A pair of shoes-

T- shirts can be substituted for other material you have available such as paper.
Boots and dress shoes are better suited for this because they hold their shape more than canvas sneakers
any string or wire works fine so long as it can hold up a pound or two. I used hemp twine (the kind used for bracelets)
- You can always stock up on cheap clothing from your local thrift store.

Step 2: Setup

Enter The stall and place your shoes about where you want them to be. Then place the cuffs of the pants around the ankles of your shoes.

Step 3: Fill

Insert the t-shirts into the bottom of the pants; about 3 shirts per pant-leg. By now they should be looking fuller and don't worry about filling the whole pair of pants. After all, you only see what's below the door anyway.

be careful not to pack the t- shirts in, or else you'll just have sausage legs. =(

Step 4: Ty're Up.

Take the string, twine, wire, or what have you and ti around the top part of the pants and don't be stingy about the tightness of the knot, you don't want your jig to fall down.

Specifications for bathroom stalls require coat hangers to be placed in stalls, so almost any stall you choose SHOULD HAVE ONE. Find it and wrap the other end of the string around it. I did a nice job of bird nesting it.

go ahead and lock the stall (or don't) and crawl out from under the door ( gross I know, but I don't trust climbing over the divider either), and have a look at what you got so far.

your setup may have shifted a bit but that's alright. Now you can finish the detailing of the pant legs and set them the way you want.

Step 5: Play It Up

Again, for this to be really effective, it's best to have a rig setup in all the stalls of the bathroom. If you want this gag to be as real as possible, try setting up a tape player in the stall that loops coughs and fart noises.

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