Introduction: Ocean in a Bottle

An ocean in a bottle is fairly quick and simple to make. Since "quick & simple" is my middle name, this project was one of my favorites as a kid. Five minutes' work will yield an attractively hypnotic "ocean." It's also a fun use and a second chance for an old plastic bottle.

This is my first instructable--suggestions welcome. Onward--->

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

-->a plastic bottle {I'd recommend 1 liter or smaller for weight's sake}
-->food coloring
-->mineral oil (any oil will do, but this one is nice n' colorless; it can be procured at a drugstore for
a reasonable price)
-->water insoluble glue
-->a funnel {not pictured}

-->electrical or duct tape

Step 2: Adding the Water

Once you have your materials, remove the label from the bottle. You may need scissors for this. Or not.

Next, fill the bottle about half way up with water and decide what color you want it to be. I was out of red and yellow, so I settled on a teal hue (two drops green, three blue). Add the food coloring and give the bottle a light swirl to mix.

Step 3: Oil Time

Here's where that funnel is going to come in handy.

Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with your oil. The funnel with prevent the oil from getting all over the outside of your bottle and rendering it hopelessly slippery (I know from experience). Come as close to the top as possible without spilling.

Step 4: Seal It!

Now to seal in the goodness.

Basically you're just going to screw on the cap as tight as you can. I put some glue on the threads of the bottle before closing as added insurance.

You can also wrap some electrical/duct tape around the cap as further protection against leaks if you feel so inclined.

Step 5: And Enjoy (plus Variations)

Ta-da! Rock, tilt, and shake the bottle to enjoy the fascinating, elegant wave patterns.


-->I used a fairly large plastic bottle for demonstration purposes, but a smaller and/or a glass bottle
would be fun to try this with.

-->You could color the oil instead of the water; I just don't remember how.

-->Maybe throw some glitter or something in there. Who would dare stop you?

Have a good time!

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