Introduction: Oculus Controller Custom Strap Grip

I love my Oculus S and my Quest - but I have hand and wrist issues that make holding the controller more and more difficult as time progresses. By the fourth song in Beat Saber my fingers are getting numb and I start dropping the controller. So I came up with this simple DIY strap.

Materials and tools: Needle, thread, lighter, scissors, needle nose pliers and thin nylon strap. I used a convention pass neck strap for the nylon.

The reason(s) I use a thin strap is because it's soft and the end can be rolled to fit in the grip lanyard slot. This is a simple project and easy to modify. For example, you can add elastic or velcro so the strap is adjustable. For my needs this simple strap was ideal.

Total time: Under 30 minutes.

Note: You can also use good quality ribbon from Hobby Lobby. Michael's, etc. - just NOT the type typically used for bows.


Thread, nylon strap.

Step 1: Remove the Current Lanyards Take a Look at the Slot.

Pop off the battery cover, slide out the lanyard. Notice the end has a "roll" - you need to replicate this on the strap you're going to make. I'm sure there are a dozen different ways to make this end, but I chose to roll and sew it. You can see the "roll" in the OEM lanyard and the one on my strap in the photos.

Step 2: Cut and Prep the Strap

One of these neck lanyards is enough to make a few of these wrist straps. Cut off the clip. On one end, make sure the cut is as straight as possible. Burn back the end a LITTLE. You don't want a thick build up. Just enough to stop fraying.

Step 3: Make the End

Fold the strap in half width wise and fold the end over slightly. Too much and it will be too large for the slot in the grip. I use carpet/upholstery thread for my projects, but regular thread would work as well. Sew it in place and loop the thread around the fold to add little size. Snip off the excess thread and burn back the tips.

Step 4: Shape the End, Put It in the Controller.

After you're done with the previous step, odds are the end won't be the right shape. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to shape it. Next you'll have to tuck it in the slot. It can be a little large. Since it's flexible I used the needle nose to press it in place. Press it in a little, pull down on the strap. Repeat. You're rocking it into position. When it's in, give it a final press. It has to be fully in the slot. Give the strap a tug downwards to make sure it stays in place. If the loop was too small the strap will pull out the bottom.

Reattach the battery cover.

Step 5: Size the Strap and Sew It.

You need to get this right the first time around. Too small or too big, you'll need to cut off the thread and repeat. Put your hand in position holding the controller. Use your free hand to wrap the strap in position around your hand and through the controller loop. On the controller be sure to go through the inside and over the outside. This puts the strap closer to your hand.

If you can hold the strap in place, great. If not, mark where you need to cut off the excess and sew it. Before you do this step put some thread in the needle. Otherwise you'll need to put the controller down and thread the needle and may lose your measurement. I did this. Twice.

Burn back the lose fibers and sew in place. Make sure the edge is on the outside or it may irritate your hand. Where you decide to cut and sew is up to you. I went pretty far back so the part where I sewed it was off my hand. After you are done sewing, tie off the thread and burn back. Burning back really helps stop the thread from unraveling.

After sewing if you notice the strap is twisted, you can pull out the end with the rolled tip, un-twist, and put it back in. I had to do that with one of them. Oops.

Now - you may want to use velcro instead of sewing it, or even use elastic. I went basic and quick. I've already used these for a few hours and really like them.

Step 6: Attach a Lanyard - or Not

I have a ton of flashlight lanyards, so I attached these to the loop on my strap. Honestly I removed them after a couple of uses. The straps work so well I can release the controllers and they stay in place.

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