Introduction: Of Ordinary Bolts, Homemade for Sharpening Blades and Knives

In this material, we will make a very simple homemade product from an ordinary bolt and bearing. I am sure that many will like this device.

Step 1: We Will Need a 14 Mm Bolt, Because I Did Not Have a Suitable Bolt, I Will Use a Hairpin. We Measure 12 Cm. and Cut It Off Using Angle Grinders.

Step 2: Clamp the Workpiece in a Vice and Draw a Line in the Center of the Hairpin.

Step 3: We Need to Make a Through Cut With a Grinder, First, I Used a 1 Mm Disc.

Step 4: Then He Put the Disc a Little More and Increased the Thickness of the Cut.

Step 5: Now We Need Two Bearings.

Step 6: And a Few Washers With Nuts.

Step 7: We Begin to Assemble Our Simple Design.

Step 8: We Also Do It on the Other Hand.

Step 9: Place Sandpaper on a Flat Surface.

Step 10: We Remove the Knife From the Planer and Install It in Our Homemade Product.

Step 11: As You Already Understood, the Sharpening Angle Is Easily Adjustable, the Further the Blade, the Smaller the Angle.

Step 12: In the Same Way, the Chisel Blade Can Be Sharpened.

Step 13: Video Version

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