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Introduction: Off the Grid

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There are several fields  which you need to overcome  if you want to live off the grid, I'm not an expert but I managed to cut my bills on my weekend house.
Fields wich you must overcome:

Food and water:

It's always good to growe or hunt your own food.
If you got a river, forrest or a lake near your house you have great sorce off food and water.
If you have green house you can growe your food and store It for winter.
Wells are best for geting your own water if you dont have well make one.
Hunting your own food is nice way of geting proteins you can use traps, bows, rifles, slingshots etc.


You can get power from sun, water, gas, wood, wind.
A stov is useful for cooking and heating.
Electric generator or a solar panel for light and other things.
You can use old radiator pipes to make solar boiler for shower.
Have a battery bank with power inverter.

Have a backup

You always need to have backup in case your water sorce runs out or your generator breaks and etc.
Always have a backup plan make a water and food storage, battery bank, emergency kit, backup generator etc.


When you go out hunting always cary small radio for com.In your house you can make a small telefon line for  communication.
If you want to watch TV you can get your self nice satellite reciver and small FM radios.

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