Introduction: Office Supplies Toy Airplane With Rubber Band Powered Spinning Prop

Here is an office supply toy airplane. It doesn't fly, but the prop spins. Check out EnderMine634 on youtube to see it in action!!!

Step 1: Items

You will need:
1 pen
1 regular paper clip
3 large paper clips
A hot glue gun
1 rubber bands

Step 2: Taking Apart the Pen

First you want to take apart the pen so you only have the body. You want to make sure the center of the body has a wide hole in it.

Step 3: Threading the Band

Next you want to thread the rubber band through the body. This can get tricky!!! Once you get the band through, you will want to put 1 giant paper clip unfolded through 1 side. On the other 1 small unfolded paper clip.

Step 4: Glueing

Next you want to put glue on where ever the giant paper clip meets the pen.

Step 5: Adding the Crook

Next add a tight crook in the smaller paper clip where it meets the rubber band. Make sure it's tight enough to fit in your pen hole. This is so the prop doesn't fly off!!!

Step 6: Bending the Tail

After that, you want to make the tail into a tail shape. You should be able to move the paper clip up and down even after glueing it. So bend both edges down to the sides and glue them there.

Step 7: Wings

Take 2 giant paper clips and straighten them out. Then bend them down the middle, so you have a semi triangle. Then glue the semi triangles to the top of your plane. The bigger the glob the better, cause those are the seats for your plane.

Step 8: Finishing

You are now done with the office supply plane. I hope you enjoy this. To make the prop spin, wind with your finger! Have Fun!!!