Introduction: Oil Pulling : Simple Solution for Better ORAL HEALTH

This home remedy is the BEST thing I found to help your teeth, gums and breath.

Step 1: Easy Method to Better Oral Health

Oil Pulling is a simple technique derived from ancient Ayurvedic medicine (Indian) that goes back 5,000 years. By swishing oil around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and then spitting it out, harmful bacteria can be eliminated and you will have cleaner, healthier teeth and gums, and better breath. It will also improve your overall health. The oil draws out the toxins in your mouth. These toxins, if not eliminated, are ingested when you swallow. I have read that the health in your mouth reflects the health of your entire body. The oil is like a magnet for the bacteria and micro organisms. I heard about it a while back but never had the time to act on it. Recently, I gave it a try and I was totally amazed at the results. After doing it a few times, my mouth felt super clean, my teeth were shiny, and I had better breath. Actually, I felt like I just came home from the Dentist after a teeth cleaning session. There are things in life that are worth doing and worth turning others on to and this is one of them.

Step 2: What You Need:

Organic Coconut Oil (has anti-bacterial properties)

10-20 minutes of your time

Step 3: How to Start:

Start with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil

First thing in the morning when you get up:

Put it in your mouth and start swishing it around like mouthwash, but not as vigorous.

Continue this action for 10-20 minutes. (A good starter time is 10 minutes and then you can build on that)

That seems like a long time, but you can do other things while doing it - like taking a shower, checking your email,

reading the paper - but you CANNOT talk. Do not swallow! The oil draws saliva as well as toxins and you do not want to ingest this. DO NOT SWALLOW or DO NOT GARGLE! Just keep swishing it around your teeth, gums, and tongue. Try to get the oil between your teeth. It's good exercise for your facial muscles too!

Step 4: When Done:

Spit the oil out in a jar or on a piece of paper towel or in a baggie. DO NOT spit it out in the sink because coconut oil will solidify when cold and will clog up your plumbing. Dispose of the oil in the trash.

Step 5: Done

Rinse your mouth out with water. Brush your teeth. Smile and feel fresh as a daisy!

Don't skip your regular oral routine of brushing and flossing. This is an added step to your daily oral care.

Oil pull 1x a day and 2x a day if you can. You will be totally amazed what this simple action can do to your better health. Try it today!

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