Introduction: Easy Pillow Cases - Brighten Up Your Bedroom!

A fun, easy, fast way to brighten up your bedroom is to make some colorful pillow cases. This project can be done by anyone with a free afternoon. You can whip up these dazzling cases at a fraction of the cost of buying them. (Making six pillow cases cost me $15.00 at the fabric shop) It will be much more satisfying to pick out your own fabric designs and create them for your bedroom. Because I live in Hawaii, I am partial to bold Hawaiian prints. Take a trip to the fabric store and choose what colors/designs/prints make you happy. Only 1 yard per pillow case is needed.

I just want to say that using a sewing machine is not a gender thing. A sewing machine is just a wonderful tool that can attach pieces of fabric together. It's sort of like soft carpentry. So guys out there, it will open a world of creativity for you if you learn to use this tool for projects.

Step 1: Materials / Tools Needed

1 yard of fabric per pillow case (36" x 46" wide)


sewing machine

matching thread

ruler or yardstick or measuring tape

scissors or rotary cutter

straight pins

pencil or marking chalk


Step 2: Cut Fabric

Fabric must be cut to 41" high x 33 1/2" long.

Next step will make it easy.

Step 3: Cut the Length

With the yard of fabric folded in half:

Measure 33 1/2" of length and mark with chalk or pencil in several places, then draw line joining marks.

Cut the fabric with cutter or scissors.

Step 4: Cut the Height

With fabric still folded, measure 2 1/2" from the bottom of the length. Do that all the way across. Draw a line connecting the marks. Cut that 2 1/2" off the bottom following the line you just drew.

Step 5: Use the Sewing Machine

Turn the fabric to the wrong side ( not the main side) and fold in half so the main design side is facing each other (and on the inside).

Pin together the sides (a) height, and (b) length.

Sew together pinned sides using 1/2" seam allowance. Follow the seam guide* on your sewing machine. see photo.

Now you should have 2 side sewn closed and one open side.

*seam guide is the markings on the plate on the sewing machine on the right side of the foot. The ends of the fabric should be flush with the 1/2" marking.

Step 6: Iron Open the Longest Seam (the Length Side)

Open the seam of the longest side. Ironing seam open - using a hot iron, open the seam and iron it. Go to the end of the seam (to the corner).

Step 7: Seam on Open Edge

With the pillow case still inside-out, measure a 1/2"seam on the edge and iron it. I did it with my trusty little tool they sell at quilt shops (but you don't need that, just measure with a ruler)

When you are done, you will have a 1/2" ironed seam all the way around the open edge.

Step 8: Cut a Cardboard Gauge

Out of heavier paper stock (like a cereal box) cut a gauge that is 4" x 12".

Step 9: Use 4" Gauge

Take your pillow case and use the gauge to fold over (like a cuff) and iron a 4" hem.

Step 10: Sew the Hem

With your machine, sew the hem (see photo) right around the whole opening of the pillow case.

Step 11: Turn the Pillow Case Right Side Out

Turn the case right side out and you are done! Get your pillow and put it in the case.

Step 12: New Pillow Cases Will Breathe New Life Into Your Bedroom This Summer!

Simple, inexpensive and fun!

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