Introduction: Old But New - by Lara Bzurovski

I'm going to cut the jeans and make them shorts, and with the rest of fabric I'm going to make a bag. This is a great way to recycle old clothes and make them useful without throwing them away.


A pair of old jeans, a sewing machine, blue thread, and scissors.

Step 1: Cut the Jeans

Cut the jeans to your preferred length. It is optional to decorate them; if not, the shorts are done! The next steps show the proceedings for the bag.

Step 2: Cut the Legs of the Jeans

Cut both legs of the jeans in half, both vertically and horizontally.

Step 3: Cut the Upper Part in Half.

Grab the upper part of both legs, and cut them in half. Select the bigger parts, and leave the rest aside.

Step 4: Pin Both Selected Parts Together Facing Inside Out

Grab both selected parts, and pin them together with the outside part facing the inside.

Step 5: Cut Into a Rectangle and Sew Three Sides

Cut the pinned section into a rectangle. Sew three out of four sides.

Step 6: Cut Rest of Fabric Into Short Straps

Get one of the parts you left aside and cut it into even strips. The more strips you make, the longer the strap of the bag will be.

Step 7: Pin and Sew

Pin straps together and sew them, creating one long strap for your bag.

Step 8: Sew Strap to Bag

Keep bag facing inside out. Sew straps on both ends of it.

Step 9: Finish

Turn bag inside out, and you're finished!

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