Introduction: Old Coffee Bottle to Grocery Jar

Hello there,

In this instructable, i'll show you how simple is to

recycling a old coffee bottle into a grocery jar .

You will be amused with the result and how easy it was to do.

So let's began...

Step 1: Tools and Material

For this instructable you will need:

- Scissors;

- Black self-adhesive paper;

- A pen;

- A printer (to the mold, or you can draw if you want);

- Old Coffee bottle of glass;

Step 2: Getting the Mold to the Tag

First we will print the mold and cut it.

If you want, you can draw the mold.

After that, make sure the mold fit in the bottle.

(See the images)

Step 3: Pass the Mold to the Black Self-adhesive Paper

Here, we will pass the mold, with a pen, to the black self-adhesive paper.

Draw a few and cut the sample, like in the pictures.

Step 4: Put the Self-adhesive Paper in the Bottle


Put the self-adhesive paper in the bottle and write whatever you want,

And enjoy.

Step 5: Conclusion

Thank you very much for your time.

Hope you enjoy.

Good bye and good instructables.

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