Candle Holder Into Lamp



Introduction: Candle Holder Into Lamp

Hello all,

In this tutorial i will show you,

how to turn an old candle holder into some cool new lamp.

It's very simple and quick.

Have fun :)

Step 1: Get Material

1 old candle holder

1 EU plug

1 button switcher

1 AC lamp with connector

1 wire with phase and neutral

Step 2: Lamp Installation

- Drill a hole at the old candle holder

- Connect the wire to the correct phase and neutral of lamp connector

- Install lamp

Step 3: Setting Up the Switcher

Set phase with switching and neutral as bypass

Step 4: Setting Up the EU Plug

Connect neutral and phase to the EU plug

Step 5: And It's Done...

Hope you enjoy,

Thats all.

Thank you :)

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